Friday, May 04, 2007

Weekend Listomania

Well, it's Friday and you know what that means.

Yes, the Little Sociopath(TM) and I are going to go out to find some dogs to set on fire.

Good times, people!

Anyway, posting by moi will necessarily be a little sporadic, but in the meantime, here's a fun project for you all:

Best Car Song Not By the Beach Boys!!!!

My totally top of my head Top Four:

1. "Bitchin' Camaro" -- Dead Milkmen

2. "Little Red Corvette" -- Prince

3. "Hot Rod Lincoln" -- Commander Cody

4. "Little Honda" -- The Hondells

Join in, won't you?


Kid Charlemagne said...

"Little GTO" - Ronnie and the Daytonas

"455 SD" - Radio Birdman

Fountains of Wayne - "Survival Car"

The Sonics - "Boss Hoss"

The Buzzcocks - "Fast Cars"

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Little Honda a motorbike?

Man, I could go nuts here. But I'll keep myself in check.

One Piece At A Time - Johnny Cash
Cadillac - Bo Diddley
Car On A Hill - Joni Mitchell
Brand New Cadillac - Vince Taylor (also the Clash)
Maybellene - Chuck Berry
Red Chevrolet - Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Rocket 88 - Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats
Mercury Blues - David Lindley
Back Of A Car - Big Star
Drivin' - The Kinks

Gardner said...

"Highway Star" - Deep Purple

"Night Moves" - Bob Seger (you didn't say the car had to be moving)

"Back of a Car" - Big Star

"Under My Wheels" - Alice Cooper

"Drivin' Sister" - Mott the Hoople

"Transfusion" - Nervous Norvus

Feral said...

"Fast Car" - Tracy Chapman

"Long May You Run" - Stills/Young Band (Young said the song was for his first car and his first girl)

"Silver Thunderbird" - Marc Cohn

and of course the best car song ever (IMHO)

"Mustang Sally" - Wilson Picket or Buddy Guy

I'll also mention "Radar Love" but I never really cared much for that song.

Anonymous said...

"Autobahn" -Kraftwerk
"Every Woman I Know (Crazy 'Bout an Automobile" - Billy "the Kid" Emerson
"Beep Beep (Little Nash Rambler)" - The Playmates

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

"$1000 Dollar Car" by the Bottle Rockets

"Kiss Of Death" by Split Lip Rayfield

"Delta 88" by X

dave™© said...

I'll give thumbs up to "Radar Love" - love that song!

And I'll throw in a really dopey McCartney song - "(Sitting in) The Backseat of My Car" from "Ram".

"We may end up in Mexico City
Sitting in the backseat of my car..."

And, of course, "Drive My Car" by the group he was in before Wings...

dave™© said...

One more: Springsteen's "The Promise."

A little obscure, but still...!

tikistitch said...

Er, will you ban me for EVAR if I mention Interstate Love Song by STP? Kinda more a driving song than about a specific car. My newest fave in that vein is 92 Subaru, by Fountains of Wayne. Oh, and Drive My Car by los Beatles--about a nonexistent car, what could be cooler?

NYMary said...

Redd Kross - SoCal V8

NYMary said...

And of course......

FOW - '92 Subaru.

dave™© said...

Someone should let Simels know that "Little Honda" actually is a Beach Boys' number...

Heather said...

"Nova SS 68" Scruffy the Cat
"Kissing Galaxy(ie)" Scruffy the Cat
Guitars, Cadillacs" Dwight Yoakam
"(I Live For) Cars and Girls" Dictators

steve simels said...

dave™© said...

Someone should let Simels know that "Little Honda" actually is a Beach Boys' number...

[chanelling Nathan Thurm]

I know that.

I think it's so funny you think I don't know that...

The Kenosha Kid said...

"Dodge Veg-a-Matic" by Jonathan Richman.

Anonymous said...

Gillian Welch - Pass You By
(it's about more than just a car, but the first verse is pure car)

"I've got an old V - 8, from the year I was born /Don't look like much, just a flat black Ford/But the engine's clean, I could paint her some day/But most of the time, I think I like her this way."

shrimplate said...

Doesn't Meatloaf count? Though that song was basically about what happened in a car rather than about the car itself...

I never liked it.

Anonymous said...

I see your Prince selection was Little Red Corvette. I'd go a bit raunchier with Lady Cab Driver.

Or how about these lyrics from the bouncy Alphabet Street?

I'm gonna drive my daddy's Thunderbird (My daddy's thunderbird)
A white rad ride, '66 ('67) so glam it's absurd
I'm gonna put her in the back seat
And drive her 2 ... Tennessee

Love that hiccupy pause before Tennessee, which at the time had the lowest marrying age of any state, 13 with parental consent. Sadly there was no follow-up song wherein Prince obtained such consent


Anonymous said...

Looking over that lyric, It occurs to me the state in question should be spelt 10essee