Monday, May 07, 2007

The Kids Are Back!!

Jeez Louise, what you find on YouTube!

Here's former N.Y. Doll Syl Sylvain and his group of the moment The Ugly Americans (with ex-bandmate Jerry Nolan) performing the A side to the great 1978 powerpop single he cut with the Criminals entitled The Kids are Back. There's no date on this cool piece of video detritus, but judging by the hairdos and the tasteful dresses of the ladies in this clip I peg it from sometime in the mid 80s.

By the way, Wounded Bird Records released Syl's two RCA LPs earlier this year.


steve simels said...

Those two RCA albums are actually wonderful.

Saw Syl doing the first one at the Bottom Line back in the day -- utterly charming, and not at all in the Dolls style. Closer to pop-tinged rockabilly....

Kid Charlemagne said...


I've seen him at least three times in that era, once supporting the first LP, and once after the second LP. His band had a chubby guy on bass and a cute girl on drums.