Thursday, May 31, 2007

Let Us Now Praise Famous Midgets

Working on a serious post about Tim Buckley, but while we're waiting enjoy this fabulous 1965 clip of the McCoys -- featuring Suzi Quatro lookalike and future Weird Al Yankovic producer Rick Derringer -- laughing their way through Ritchie Valens' C'mon Let's Go.

High school kids having more fun than human beings should be allowed.

And kind of pretty much a perfect rock record, don't you think? The pause before the last round of choruses is just genius...


Anonymous said...

Hey, isn't that the pause in "Keep On Dancing"? I swear I've heard that pause before.

I like it when he does the twist during the big guitar solo.

Anonymous said...

Damn midgets! They're taking over the world. Black and white screen gives a nostalgic effect, though.