Tuesday, May 15, 2007

They Write Letters

Music historian Tim Riley has hit upon a brilliant idea, which he addresses to Paul McCartney:

By the end of the month, this fabled 100-year old music industry pioneer could be in the hands of Wall Street sharks -- and their global equivalents -- looking for the next big flip.

Please don't let this happen. As one of the wealthiest men in show-business, use your influence and wealth to block the pirates and preserve EMI, either by purchasing a controlling interest or aligning yourself with investors most likely to reinvest in EMI's future.

I've tried to stay out of the Divorce Debate, though I admit I love the "PT CWuisah" lady, but the fact remains that Sir Paul's reputation has been a bit--stained--of late, and something like this could really help his profile.

We live in an age where literally everything, including the air that we breathe, is for sale. Corporate raiders are no respecters of history, reputation, or importance. Financial gain is the only gain, and, Protestant Work Ethic-style, proves that Jeebus loves those who put others out of work and bankrupt old ladies' retirement funds.

Riley reminds us here of many of the innovations of EMI, many of which were done during The Beatles' tenure there. I second his suggestion.

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steve simels said...

This is indeed a brilliant idea, but if I'm not in Riley's forthcoming NORTON ANTHOLOGY OF ROCK CRITICISM I swear to god I'm gonna take a hostage.