Wednesday, May 30, 2007

She Loves All the Boys

Ah, this one really takes me back.

The geezers in this recent (2004) video are what's left of 60s power pop gods The Searchers doing "Hearts in Her Eyes" -- a cover of the classic song by 70s power pop gods The Records.

The Searchers originally recorded it on the first of two brilliant "comeback" albums they did at Dave Edmunds' Rockfield studios at the dawn of the New Wave era; if you've never heard them, your life is the poorer for it and you should order them here immediately.

The Searchers, of course, were the group responsible for such classics as the Sonny Bono penned "Needles and Pins"; back in the day, they were the only important Liverpool band who weren't managed by Beatles empresario Brian Epstein -- all of whose acts were in awe of the Searchers' musicianship, the Fabs included.

As for "Hearts in Her Eyes," faithful readers know that its auteur, John Wicks, is a big fave around these parts and that our blogmate Kid Charlemagne alerted you to his most recent album just a few weeks ago.

What you may not know is that in the late 70s/early 80s I was in a skinny-tie band that played the Greenwich Village/CBGBs scene a lot and that we used to open our sets with the song. In fact, we and it were so ubiquitous downtown that people thought we wrote the damn thing. Needless to say, when fans told us how much they loved it, we rarely, if ever, gave credit where credit was due.

I've actually got a very high quality video of us doing it somewhere in my vaults; one of these days I'll post it to YouTube and we can all have a hearty chortle at the folly of my youth.


dave™© said...

Hi hi Steverino!

I did not know Edmunds produced the Searchers - thanks!

Think that was around the same time he produced the Flaming Groovies magnum opus, "Shake Some Action."


steve simels said...

No, he didn't produce it -- but it was done at his studio with people Edmunds worked with a lot.