Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dealing With Crushing Disappontment via Teh Google

...I see that there are a few reports here and there on the much-lamented missed show in Chicago.

Here's one, with great pics.

And some terrific articles in the run-up, which I missed because I was traveling....

Home-recording pioneers Shoes step out for a rare show

Shoes to play Friday in Millennium Park

Power Pop Legends The Shoes Play Millennium Park

Low-key attitude keeps Shoes grounded

Fifty 'Great Performers' come to Millennium Park

Not seeing too many concert reviews, however.

I think I'll go cry myself to sleep.


refinnej said...

At least you got to spend a week with me!!

Kid Charlemagne said...

Let me share in your misery. Wish I'd have seen the show too!

steve simels said...

What in hell happened?

NYMary said...

I showed up at the airport to a canceled flight, and there was absolutely no way to get across the country on time, on any other airline.


steve simels said...

NYMary --

That so totally sucks I can't believe it.

Jeebus krist....