Saturday, August 25, 2007

This Has Nothing to Do With J.G. Ballard

Matt Willis and "Crash".

A fiendishly catchy song which features prominently in the new Rowan Atkinson Mr. Bean movie. Which I highly recommend, actually; it's sweet, smart and very funny. And I say this as somebody who hated the first one. Jacques Tati would have approved.

Could somebody tell me who Matt Willis is, BTW? When I heard the song in the theater, I was guessing it was some lost brilliant early New Wave single from the early 80s a la Wreckless Eric, but apparently the kid's some current teen idol. Or something....


Slig said...

Remake of a 1987 song by the Primitives.

I like the original better. Sweet song.

steve simels said...

Ah, I suspected it might be a cover.


shrimplate said...

"Crash-95" by The Primitives was also on the "Dumb and Bumber" soundtrack.

In its original format it's a great popsong. Even mangled by a Disney kid it still works.