Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Flight of the Conchords Now on CD

If you've been following my summerlong obsession with Flight of the Conchords, you'll be delighted to learn that they released an EP, The Distant Future, today.

Three songs straight from the show--"Business Time," "If You're Into It," and "Not Crying" (though "Business Time" has some different lyrics)--and two live numbers--"The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room" and "The Humans Are Dead." I just downloaded them from iTunes at 99 cents a pop.

Here's the riotously funny and catchy "If You're Into It."

That's Broadway star Sutton Foster, btw, and the lovely Flushing Meadows. We were there with Eli this winter, but we must have missed them.

I assume they're saving "Bowie's in Space" and "Hiphopopotamus and Rhymenocerous"for the full-length record, due in November.


Anonymous said...

I adore the hell out of this show.

refinnej said...

YAY! This one's my fave :)

I think I figured out which elf he was in RotK.

NYMary said...

Of course you have. He's Figwit.

steve simels said...

That slayed me.

The glockenspiel at the end is a stroke of genius.

refinnej said...

Gotta love that Figwit :)

TMink said...

Exposing me to these guys is one of the blessing of this blog to me. I also count my Apples in Stereo cd, 2 Strokes cds, and the two Monkees Special Edition cds as blessings as well.

Blowing my entertainment budget is my own damn fault.

Thanks everyone.


Slig said...

Brilliantly hilarious. I e-mailed this to a couple of my bandmates and they replied "yeah - you should check out their HBO show". I think I've been spending too much time in the lab.

steve simels said...

slig --

Checked out your blog -- good job.

Just curious -- how did you find this one?

Did you follow us over from Eschaton?

Anonymous said...

I was a 'listener' at a rating party at the annual R&R Triple A Summit meeting here last week, along with label and radio weasels. "Business Time" was (by far) the highest rated song.

three said...

Flight of The Conchords is easily one of my favorite shows out right now. I've been watching them for a few years now.