Monday, August 27, 2007

The Present Day Hepster Refuses to Die

Oh, wait. He actually is dead.

The amazing Lord Buckley in a 1949(!) TV appearance, chanelling his Inner Satchmo.

Buckley, in case you're unfamiliar with him, was a huge influence on the Beat Boom of the 60s on both sides of the pond; the Yardbirds named a song -- "The Nazz are Blue" -- after his hilarious hepster reworking of the Christmas story, and it was of course no accident that a certain band from Philadelphia featuring the young Todd Rundgren did something similar.


Anonymous said...

Another fav YT clip of his Lordship: His 1956 appearance on "You Bet Your Life":

Kid Charlemagne said...

Hipsters, flipsters and finger-poppin' daddies,
Knock me your lobes!
I came here to lay Caesar out,
Not to hip you to him.
The bad jazz that a cat blows
Wails long after he's cut out,
The groovy is often stashed with their frames.
So don't put Caesar down...."