Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Two Jews Blues

Well well well.

Okay -- just found the passage in Michael Medved's
piece of shit anti-Hollywood wingnut screed where he quotes me out of fucking context.

Updates coming, with links of course.

But I'm extremely irked.

And if anybody can get me his e-mail addy I'd be profoundly grateful.

UPDATE from NYM: Here's what Medved said.

The sweaty and slimy single-mindedness of so much contemporary pop has begun to trouble even some veteran observers inside the industry. Rock critic Steve Simels of Stereo Review writes of Madonna’s retrospective assemblage of music videos: “The Immaculate Collection still makes me want to shower when it’s over, and I think I know why—it’s so nakedly, so honestly scummy…. I’m hardly advocating some sort of ethical litmus test for pop music. But we shouldn’t pretend this stuff is value-neutral, either.”

Apparently, thinking Madonna's kind of icky puts you in the camp of the wingnuts. What will I do with my Moonbat t-shirt?


Anonymous said...

Awww, that sucks. Not surprising though (subsidized wingnut propagandists being deceptive = water is wet).

I would doubt that the following contact sites are the best way to go, but in the event nothing better comes along, they are presented as options for contacting His Weaselness:

Via his personal Website - - you can reach an e-mail submission form by going here. If that direct link doesn't work, you can go to his personal Website (first link in previous sentence) and click on the appropriate option on the drop-down menu that pops up when you hover your cursor over the "Contact Us" link at upper right.

Another option, compliments of dimly remembered postings about from those scamps at Sadly, No!, is via his links at the Townhall site:
His main Townhall page:
The Townhall page where you can enter and submit an e-mail to him:

I look forward to hearing what kind of response you get. Good luck getting him straightened out!

Steve-MD/DC (Eschaton lurker)

NYMary said...

Bu, but, but steve! Aren't you all about the purity?

Anonymous said...

I, on the other hand, don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to need a shower after watching early Madonna videos.