Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Owner of a Lonely Heart

First generation rocker and all around mensch Bo Diddley suffered a heart attack yesterday while undergoing a medical check-up at a Florida hospital. The 78-year-old is now reported to be in a stable condition after undergoing surgery to help the flow of blood to his heart.

My thoughts are with him and his family, but actually I'm not too worried -- as the above video (from the great 1966 film The Big T.N.T. Show) clearly demonstrates, Bo is a force of nature and will probably live forever.

BTW -- that's the Duchess, usually billed as "Bo's gorgeous sister," on the the second guitar. And no, the damn movie has never been on DVD, a cultural crime of monstrous proportions -- check out the original trailer here.


Slig said...

Gotta love it when a background singer also flays the axe.

Speedy Recovery to Bo. A true original.

Kid Charlemagne said...

Sad that they don't make bands like that anymore.

A votre sante Bo!

Anonymous said...

Ya got any Johnny Otis? Or are you too young?

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite Youtube Bo vid!!!!! I've sent it to at least 100 of my friends over the last year and eveyone comes back oldies had forgotten and the young dudes had never seen anything like it...studley stuttin to the max...and the fuckme dancing of the backing singers, with all their clothes on too (Hey Britney, think about it!). Bo Diddley Beat Indeed!