Thursday, August 23, 2007

Paging Dr. Drake!

A PowerPop happy birthday goes out to soap opera heartthrob and 70/80s powerpopper Rick Springfield, born this day in 1949 in Merrylands, Sydney Australia.

Here's a vid of Rick's 60s/70s Aussie group Zoot performing an uber heavy version of the Fab's Eleanor Rigby which scored them an Australian hit in 1971!

Happy Birthday Rick!


steve simels said...

Absolutely fantastic...I'd always wondered what Springfield was like before he came to the States.

Did I tell you I saw him at Max's Kansas City in the early 70s? I forget the album he was flogging at the time...

Incidentally, he's actually performing on General Hospital tomorrow. Convuluted plot, the gist is his doctor character looks exactly like an 80s rock star named Eli Love, who need some kind of operation. The doctor character is pretending to be the rocker at a concert so his doctor son can operate in secret. Or something.

Anyway, he's gonna perform on the show tomorrow. Live, presumably.

BTW -- the kid who plays his son on the show is his son in real life. Looks eerily like his old man...

TMink said...

OK, my respect for Mr. Springfield has risen 1000 fold. (Honestly, it was fractional before hearing his playing.)

Who knew? Not me.