Monday, August 13, 2007

If We're All One -- Who Needs You?

Well, this is very cool. The ultimate on-line rock family tree resource. So far.

Essentially, it's a musical version of the official Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon site.

See if you can stump it....


Anonymous said...

Holy crap!

I typed in Yardbirds, of course, and the tree is unbelievable!

Bands in tree: 10329
Albums in tree: 22929
Artists in tree: 28086
Longest known link: 32

What surprised me, though, is that the albums they have listed bear no relation to the American ones (For Your Love, Having a Rave-Up, Over Under Sideways Down, Little Games). Is this a British initiative, or are they going by what is currently available?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm stupid ... now I see that the statistics listed on the right are for the entire tree, not each specific band. The latter would be more useful than the former.

In any case, this could become seriously addictive.

steve simels said...

this could become seriously addictive.

Oh, yeah.

dave™© said...

Well, I tried Grateful Dead - Sex Pistols.

Damned if it didn't connect!

Slig said...

I did sort of a control experiment by entering the Police and Wall of Voodoo. The connection was about six steps bizarrely involving Roxy Music and Concrete Blonde. It should have been a much shorter path, however, as Stewart Copeland and Stan Ridgeway recorded some stuff together sometime in the early 80s (I have their single "Don't Box Me In" on vinyl somewhere in my basement.)

Anonymous said...

I stumped it by ... I hate to admit it ... crossing Jefferson Airplane with ... oy ... the Bee Gees.

My rationale was to find two popular groups that were as diametrically opposed as possible.

The Bee Gees are not in their database. Although technically, I suppose they are a singing group, not a band.

Are these the same guys that are behind "Pandora"?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for spotting our endeavours....

As regards Copeland and Ridgway's collaboration - that's currently being looked at to see how we treat it (we have, wouldn't you know, lots of rules). Although they worked together - it may not establish a 'band to band' link between them.

And as for the Bee Gees... they're in the queue to get dealt with and added: thanks to a connection from early member Vince Melouney to Billy Thorpe. And when they do go live? Jefferson Airplane..Jefferson Starship..The Bluesbreakers..Fleetwood Mac..The Zoo..Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs..Bee Gees - really not so distant after all.

If you fancy getting involved - the details are there on the site.

And no - no relation to Pandora.