Friday, December 07, 2007

A Family Affair

I admit it: I'm a hopeless sucker for celeb gossip, if they're celebs I like. (OTOH, I don't really care if ex-Mousketeers wear panties.) So I was trawling around looking for info on Paul McCartney's new relationship with Rosanna Arquette (yes, the actress Rosanna Arquette, late of Toto and Peter Gabriel) in the British gutter press, when I happened across this information:
PAUL MCCARTNEY is plotting an album with his son JAMES.

The former BEATLE has been busying himself in the studio with his 30-year-old offspring.

Macca revealed: “I'm actually doing some recording with my son.

“We're just looking at the idea of him making an album. He's doing it all. He's writing it all, laying it all. It's sensational. But there's nothing set yet. We don't know if it'll work.

“The plan is for me to just do some recording with him, and it's really exciting. I'm really loving it.”

Musician James keeps an intentionally low profile, but has appeared on a number of his father’s recordings.

He co-wrote two tracks on Macca’s 2001 long player Driving Rain and provided a scorching guitar solo to 1997 song Heaven On A Sunday.


Well, at least she's older than his kids.

And now: a musical interlude.


P. Drāno said...

Hard to believe, but I can remember seeing 'Hard Day's Night' when it came out, and I think my gran was living with us then. And after the film, I started to wonder what it would be like when the Beatles got really old like my gran, and I pictured these old age pensioners staggering about still being chased by screaming young women. I was right!

Kid Charlemagne said...

It's. Toto.

steve simels said...

The kid's actually a pretty good guitar player. Not as a good as
Ringo's kid is as a drummer, but a nice blues feel....

TMink said...

OK, I am quite disappointed to see Toto on the blog. I understand that the tie in was powerful, but do yourselves, and all of us a favor, step away from the Toto.