Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Hell With Radiation!

Here's another pleasant surprise from YouTube -- rock n roll lifers The Fleshtones, somewhere in Italy, with the lead track from their fabulous Laboratory of Sound album.

I should add that both song and album would have been the most exciting music released in 1995 if not for the astoundingly crappy production by inexplicably esteemed producer/punk theoretician Steve "Teeny Weeny" Albini.

True story: I met head Fleshtone Peter Zaremba at a WMFU Record Fair sometime in the late 90s; I was looking for Fleshtones albums in a bargain bin, and as I was about to buy one, the guy running the booth said "That's the lead singer next to you. Ask him to autograph it." Which he did. Nice guy.


Anonymous said...


Saw the 'Tones play a street fair in Baltimore about a year or so ago, and whether they are playing for a thousand or 20, they always put on a great show! It's a shame their IRS records are out of print, as both are excellent!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, I saw 'em in Green Bay this summer in-- I shit you not-- the bingo room of a crappy lodge hall. The space couldn't'a been more than 30x40 feet and looked like someone's beat up rec room. Set up right on the floor with us (a good 30 strong) standing directly in front of 'em. They looked rode hard and put away wet and didn't sound a lot better. I'd only seen 'em once before-- at the Peppermint Lounge in '83 with Cleveland Bob (then living in Queens) and they were fantastic. This was sad.

The highlight of the evening was The Hentchmen from Detroit. They kicked ass!