Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy Hannukah!

I think steve needs this:

Now offered for sale is an ultra-rare piece of rock memorabilia. It's by Cherry Vanilla with a serious scoop for you: a vintage photocopy of the original manuscript (in somewhat imperfect condition—slightly yellowed and frayed, but it’s complete and hey, it’s 33 years old) of this sex-drenched true story. No names have been changed to protect the guilty--or the innocent, not that there were any of those then.

The content is erotic and exotic and otherwise must be left to your imagination! But suffice to say this is a gift that keeps on coming, an extra-sexy present for a sex-drugs-and-rock fan you love this holiday season.

Cherry Vanilla, the 1970s Superstar, performed in Andy Warhol’s Pork, gained fame as the fabulous public relations woman for David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, and was briefly an RCA Records recording artist herse;f. Today, she manages Vangelis. But back then, she was a legend in her own time, in her own mind, and in the back room of Max’s Kansas City, she was everybody’s darling. Literally.

In a recent interview she was asked, You've been described as a groupie. Do you think that's fair since you've worked in the music biz as well [as] being a recording artist?

Her reply? “You know, someone I know fairly well--someone loosely in my circle of friends--recently posted a picture of me on his website and captioned it, "Cherry Vanilla, former groupie." Now, that upset me! Not the groupie title, but the fact that a so-called friend would chose to describe me only as that. Otherwise, I understand human nature, publicity, spin, sound--bites, headlines, selling magazines, all of that too well to get upset over what people call me. They will usually pick the most sensational thing, and I guess to most people, being a groupie is a pretty sensational thing. For me, it was just a matter of loving music and sex so much. It was simply natural for me to be so drawn to musicians. My real friends know what I'm about. And you know the old saying that "all is fair in love and war," so I guess all is also fair in rock & roll too.

Now, you can judge for yourself! Be the first on your block…be the first person in thirty years…to read Cherry Vanilla’s legendary unpublished book…a true rock and roll relic…a groupie masterpiece…a rare piece of Warholiana…perhaps even a work of art. We sell. You decide. Want more? Then bid. Not sure you want it that bad? Then read more about Cherry and her famous lost book before you decide here and here.

This is the real thing. Accept no substitutes. Remember, this manuscript is being sold AS IS--NO RETURNS ACCEPTED--but it is absolutely complete and unexpurgated at 156 pages and full of gems like “Last night was probably the all-time high in my groupie career so far. I mean, I did it.… Uhn hum. I got him – The Master to Time and Space himself, Mr. Leon Russell Far out, huh, I mean this means I can do anything…”


h/t Michael Gross

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steve simels said...

All things considered, I'd rather have the box set of the remastered first season of the original Star Trek.

She manages Vangelis now?

I actually saw him at the Albert Hall in 75. Strangest concert I ever was like walking into a Maria Montez movie.