Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Video Gave the Radio Star a Wedgie

Shameless self-promotion: I'm gonna be on an intertube radio show this evening. Hosted by my old chum Allan Rosenberg.

You can can hear it over at Area24Radio.com. Once you get there, click on Lost at Sea.

Today's show streams live between 5-7pm, and I'm informed that if you miss it -- and frankly, what kind of a schween would you be if you did? -- that it will be archived at the site no later than Thursday.

In any case, we'll be playing whatever the hell tickles my fancy -- this is free-form radio, as you remember it in your nightmares dreams -- and I hope I don't make a complete buffoon of myself.


Anonymous said...

DJing seems like the perfect activity for your music-laden memory... could this be the start of something big?


steve simels said...

Actually, I'm merely guest dj-ing.

TMink said...

OK, apropos of nothing, hey everyone, Merry December! Sorry I have been a stranger, but I just had a fun power pop moment that I needed to share.

I was buying some guitars for the little TMinks. I got a cool red mini squire electric for my youngest daughter and a really very happening squire jazzmaster bass for my youngest son. As I was shopping, in walked Bill Lloyd!

He is shorter and rounder than I remember back when I was taking photos for RCA and he and Radney Foster got together, but it was certainly him. (I am certainly rounder than those days myself.) So I introduced myself and shook his hand and told him there were a bunch of us who loved the wonderful power pop he had recorded. I had been listening to Feeling the Elephant just last week and gushed over that.

He was really kind and stoked and said he loved it best when he was recognized for those power pop albums because he just loves that stuff and it means a lot when people appreciate his contrbution to the genre. I gushed another sentence or two, mentioned this blog and Simmels, and let him go on his way.

But I could simply not let this meeting go by without mentioning here and sharing it as well.

Peace and finger grease.


buzzbabyjesus said...

Did everyone go to NYCD? I was there mostly noonish, and was often the only one there besides Sal and Tony.

steve simels said...


My late 80s/90s band opened for Foster and Lloyd at the Bottom Line.

One of the most fun gigs we ever did, and those guys were great.

Bill Lloyd, of course, is a god.

TMink said...

Steve, I wish you could have seen the growing smile on his face when I talked about how much the guys on here and you love his pop work. I guess he appreciates that much more than the Foster and Lloyd work, and who can blame him? But it really made my week to see him smile and get to tell the guys checking me out from the music store about his solo work.