Saturday, December 10, 2011

Your Weekend Moment of Zen

Apparently, and against my better judgement, I'm gonna have to see the Ferrelly Brothers' forthcoming The Three Stooges movie.

I should add that this is largely because the nun -- played by Larry David(!) -- is named Sister Mary Mengele.

I also have a theory of Devo-lution about this. To wit:

1. 60s kids rediscovered The Marx Brothers.

2. 70s kids rediscovered The Three Stooges.

3. 80s kids rediscovered The Brady Bunch.

I rest my case.


MJConroy said...

While I don't envy you having to sit through this movie, I must say that the actors involved seem to have done a good job of impersonation. I did not recognize that Sean Hayes was playing Larry at first.

buzzbabyjesus said...

Looks like they caught the spirit.
I'll wait for Netflix.

Anonymous said...

It has Larry David and they maim Snooki. It might have potential.


TMink said...

It made me laugh. I am embarassed, but honest.