Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

From 1968 -- The Zombies' "A Butchers Tale (Western Front 1914)." Still, for my money, the most powerful anti-war record of them all

And, alas, sadly relevant to our current mis-adventures in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

In any case, enjoy the holiday, and regular less depressing posting resumes on the morrow.


Billy B said...

I hadn't heard this one before. It is definitely moving.

Alex said...

Love this song.

And it's good to remember that today's not just about BBQ and having a day off work...

steve simels said...

I've gotten a couple of e-mails and comments from people over at Facebook essentially saying "where has this song been all my life?"

Which surprises me, but just for everybody's FYI, it's from the Zombies "Odessey and Oracle" album, recorded in the same studio and with the same equipment as "Sgt. Pepper" (a few months later), which is the one with "Time of the Season" and which is a masterpiece from stem to stern.

Trust me -- if you haven't heard it, your life is significantly the poorer for it, and you should find a copy on-line immediately.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I have this album, and I like "Brief Candles". I'm going to have to give the whole thing another listen someday.