Thursday, February 07, 2013

If It's Thursday, It Must Be Another Edition of "White Boys Getting Down to the Heart of Hep"

I think I've posted this track before, but it seems appropriate to post it again, given that I just got the fabulous new CD reissues of Swamp Dogg's Total Destruction to Your Mind and Rat On!.

Which are two of the most hilarious and down-and-dirty r&b/soul/rock albums ever made.

But I'll have more to say about them as we get closer to their official release dates in early March.

And may I add, once more and for the record, that sometimes I love my phony baloney job?

In any case, from 1988, please enjoy former Del Lord guy Eric Ambel and his absolutely swell guitar-driven cover of the title song to the aforementioned album "Total Destruction to Your Mind."

Baby, THAT is rock 'n' roll.

You're welcome.


FD13NYC said...

Great stuff! Believe it or not I've had this CD forever. Love his Dylan cover of If You Gotta Go, Go Now. This guy rocks out.

Blue Ash Fan said...

I'm proud to call Roscoe a friend. (His other band, The Yayhoos, actually performed at my house. Honest.)

I'll be passing this posting along to him.

By the way, check out his "Song for the Walls" from Loud and Lonesome. Just be prepared to have to repaint your walls.

buzzbabyjesus said...

If I didn't know the original so well, I'd think this was something special.

Anonymous said...

i'll forever be in Mr. Ambel's debt for his work with the Blood Oranges and Cheri Knight.

Anonymous said...

Bought this on vinyl when new, found it necessary to repurchase it on CD. This is one of the great unheralded albums ever. I have a couple Swamp Dogg albums on vinyl as well, got them for like 50 cents each back in the day when there were such things as cutout bins. Nowadays they grind up the unsold discs and issue 8-cut compilations for $6, so folks who may encounter them won't be able to say, hmm, I remember reading a good review of this, maybe I'll check it out. Because the disc in front of them was never reviewed by anybody. Hmm, looks like I went all stream of consciousness here....

Bill Sammon said...

For some time now, Eric Ambel has been making the records that Keith Richards should been making.

I also second the recommedation of "Song For The Walls". I played that song in a late 90's band I was in. It never failed to kick ass. We often heard "What was that song? That f***kin' ROCKED!" Mission accomplished.