Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Words Fail Me (An Occasional Series)

An (almost) all-brass Nirvana tribute band?

Ladies and germs, please behold in breathless wonder -- The Nevermind Orchestra.

The funny thing is, I actually really like this (and them).

With one cavil -- I would have left out the drums. Thus connecting Nirvana to a great classical tradition going back to Gabrieli and Renaissance polyphony.

That said, if you're in New York City this weekend, you can check 'em out live.

WHEN: This Friday, February 15 at 11:30 PM

WHERE: Sullivan Hall, 214 Sullivan Street at Bleecker Street.

ADMISSION: Open to the public, cover charge is $10.

And tell 'em PowerPop sent you.

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff, reminds me of Bonerama.