Friday, February 22, 2013

Turning Japanese

And speaking as we were yesterday of Monsters of Koto The Association and their possibly innovative use of said Japanese instrument, here's what's unquestionably the finest use of said instrument in a rock-and-roll context ever.

From 1972, and their superb Hot Wacks elpee, please enjoy Canadian power-poppers The Wackers and an astoundingly gorgeous cover of John Lennon's post-Beatles beauty "Oh My Love."

I'm pretty sure I've posted this here at some point in the dim dark past, but it just seemed relevant to yesterday's discussion, so sue me.

In any case, as spine-tinglingly beautiful a record as has ever been made. I should add that it's such a superb evocation of Abbey Road era Beatles studio craft that it was for a time widely -- and believably -- bootlegged as a lost track by the Fabs.

[h/t Jai Guru Dave]


NYMary said...

Spine-tingling indeed!

NYMary said...

(Side note: every time I hear "Across the Universe," I giggle over the fact that PowerPop has a commenter named "Jai Guru Dave." It just makes me happy.)

buzzbabyjesus said...

Big Star they ain't.

Hannes A. Jónsson said...

You said it, buzzbabyjesus... :-)