Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Allen Toussaint 1938 -- 2015

If he had done nothing else but write (under a pseudonym) and produce this one record he would deserve to be immortal.

And he did much, much more than just that.

Damn, there were giants in the earth during our lifetime.


cthulhu said...

A huge loss.

FWIW, although I like the Yardbirds' version, I lurve the Warren Zevon cover of "A Certain Girl" off Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School; for my money, far and away the best song on the album. And one of my fave Zevon recordings ever.

Mark said...

Yes, the Yardbirds version, on FOR YOUR LOVE, whose album cover has been used as a Model for other great bands. Since FOR YOUR LOVE was THE album that did it for me, I loved everything on it, including A CERTAIN GIRL, which to me, fell midway between a sound The Beatles and The Dave Clark Five often got, but was still consistent with 1965-era Yardbirds.

Does anyone know whether Ernie K-Doe's version of A CERTAIN GIRL preceded or followed MOTHER-IN-LAW? Both were released in 1961, I found.

Anonymous said...

Mark: Mother-In-Law was first.

I've always been partial to Fortune Teller. When they started playing the Australian single of the Stones' version of it on So-Cal radio mid-1966, it became a garage band staple. And to think it was only a B-side for Benny Spellman!

VR - telling your fortune for free

buzzbabyjesus said...

Until today I assumed "Fortune Teller" was Leiber and Stoller. I'm afraid I'm with VR on this one.

But I like "Working In A Coal Mine", and "Ride Your Pony" better than all of them, and maybe Lee Dorsey is the reason.

And who can forget Little Feat's version of "On Your Way Down"?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Toussaint & Dorsey, I used to do a mean bump and grind thing to Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley into Honky Tonk Women back in the Wildcat days. Jesus, I'm gonna have to play that rekkid now and show my baby what I used to do. Happy holidays, veterans. I'm gonna entertain the troops.