Friday, November 20, 2015

Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi -- You're My Only Hope

Paul "The Shrill One" Krugman, in the NY Times today:

Erick Erickson, the editor in chief of the website, is a serious power in right-wing circles. Speechifying at RedState’s annual gathering is a rite of passage for aspiring Republican politicians, and Mr. Erickson made headlines this year when he disinvited Donald Trump from the festivities.

So it’s worth paying attention to what Mr. Erickson says. And as you might guess, he doesn’t think highly of President Obama’s antiterrorism policies.

Still, his response to the attack in Paris was a bit startling. The French themselves are making a point of staying calm, indeed of going out to cafes to show that they refuse to be intimidated. But Mr. Erickson declared on his website that he won’t be going to see the new “Star Wars” movie on opening day, because “there are no metal detectors at American theaters.”

It’s a bizarre reaction — but when you think about it, it’s part of a larger pattern. These days, panic attacks after something bad happens are the rule rather than the exception, at least on one side of the political divide.

Consider first the reaction to the Paris attacks. Lightsabers aside, are Mr. Erickson’s fears any sillier than those of the dozens of governors — almost all Republicans — who want to ban Syrian refugees from their states?

You know, I'm getting really fucking tired of pant-wetting right-wing cowardly assholes and the Democratic jerkoffs who enable them. Just saying.

By the way, that version of the Star Wars theme -- done a la The Ventures, the way it was always meant to be done -- is from the great What Really Happened to the Band of '59 album by Big Daddy.


buzzbabyjesus said...

My dad is a right wing nut job. I grew up appalled at conservative "values". My hatred of all things Republican runs very deep.

Blue Ash Fan said...

Can we assume that the Star Wars theme included here is not the "killer new tune by an artist previously unknown" to you?

steve simels said...


J. Loslo said...

But...but...the Republicans are the tough guys, right? And we liberals (and the French) are soft and effeminate and... It's all so confusing.

edward said...

I've always heard Big Daddy's version of Star Wars as done in the style of the Tornadoes Telstar rather than the Ventures.

And yeah, screw the doughy pant load Republicans and their Blue Dog buddies.

Anonymous said...

When the smack begins to flow then I really don't care anymore about all the Jim Jim's in this town and all the politicians making crazy sounds and everybody putting everyone else down - and all the dead bodies piled up in mounds.

Everybody's stupid ... that's for sure. And the rest are hacks and flat-out assholes.

Can we get a moment of silence please.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Erickson declared on his website that he won’t be going to see the new “Star Wars” movie on opening day, because “there are no metal detectors at American theaters.”

Er, bombs are made of PLASTIC explosives and usually have little to no metals in them aside from the initiator and switch. Any metal the bad guy wants to add for a shrapnel effect is incidental and can easily be picked up on site. Guns are less of a concern these days, be worried though about plastic explosives which metal detectors do not check for.

If he is concerned they'll hit the theater with machine guns like in the Paris attacks, he should rest assured the bad guys won't be lining up to divest metals and weapons at the door: they'll barge in with guns blazing no matter what "checkpoint" is established in the theater.

Go out and enjoy the American way of life. Intimidation is another tactic of the terrorist; they want to scare you into a fearful existence. At the same time, be aware of your surroundings, how to escape in the event you need to run, and for goodness sake, wear shoes you can save your life in by running. You cannot run in heels or sandals and this may cause the fashion conscious to become an easy target. Enjoy Star Wars and send your attendance as a snub to the bad guys.

edward said...

How can I go out and enjoy the American way of life if I have to worry about Erick Erickson and his ilk wetting their pants in the seat next to me. It's bad enough all of the spilled soda on the floor in those places, now I have to worry about right-wing pee all over my shoes.

Anonymous said...

Lightsabers aside, are Mr. Erickson’s fears any sillier than those of the dozens of governors — almost all Republicans — who want to ban Syrian refugees from their states?

ISIS has taken control of Syrian government buildings including the Syrian Passport facilities. ISIS can not create genuine Syrian passports with anyone's name and any information they choose. They cannot be vetted since the passports are valid and authentic yet may be issued to any ISIS member under any name with any address. In short, they've rendered the verification process invalid and impossible. That is why the governors do not want Syrian refugees in their states. No one can be sure how much poison is going to be included in the sea of humanity floating to our shores.

Anonymous said...

ISIS can not create

Make that "ISIS can now create"

Anonymous said...

Gee and I wasn't going to see the new Star Wars because I had no interest.

We should poll the Republican Presidential Candidates and find out which ones still have the courage to see Star Wars opening night. Freedom Fries anyone?

Capt. Al

Anonymous said...

We're drowning in so much propaganda from every direction that one can scarcely believe anyone or anything. Everybody's got a fuckin' agenda. We've turned into a bunch of strident name-calling bitches. Ridicule and mockery have taken the place of debate.

Current stats for the past two weeks : 130 dead in Paris. 224 dead in the Russian plane. 43 dead in the Lebanon bombings. 27 dead in Mali.

Not sure if it's true, as I haven't "vetted" it yet and the story is still "fluid," but I've read that at least two of Friday the 13th terrorists in Paris were posing as Syrian refugees.

Move along. ...... Nothing to see here.

I always park my car with the windows down, my purse on the seat, the doors unlocked and the keys in the ignition. If I'm only gonna be a little while, I leave the motor running. Nothing's happened yet. People are basically good, ... right?

VR - "We'll always have Paris."

GLLinMO said...

It's interesting. Who is it - Trump or Carson - want to register Syrians, Muslins, etc. Others say that's "un-Amerocan". My wife tells me of her mom that when my wife was a kid, her mom - and pretty much all "legal aliens" - had to go to the post office and register every year. We must have been really un-American back then....

I have how both parties whine, lie, and piss around with alll issues. Nothing ever gets done (which often is the best option anyways). A return to common sense with both parties would be nice. Not holding my breath.

French are a conondrum when it comes to internation issues. But they sure don't deserve to be blown up.

danny1959 said...

We are NOT "drowning in propaganda from every direction" so much as we are drowning in stupidity and insanity coming ONLY from the direction of the Right. This false equivalency argument that usually comes from stealth conservatives is particularly irksome. I wish they would give it a rest already.

Anonymous said...

Danny 1959: If you're worried about "stealth conservatives", you're "Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues In Reverse" :-) I'd say stupidity and insanity are eternal and know no political persuasion.

The whole world spins, propagandizes, hypes and indoctrinates. Bullshit is omnipresent while truth is elusive. It's always gonna be that way. What we call wisdom is merely the state of being trapped in our own cleverness and vanity. Life is folly. Get comfortable and revel in the absurdity of it all while seeking out pleasure and beauty. That's all there is.

VR - ELO was fucking amazing tonight. See them if and when they come your way next year. Wow. Great. Now for dessert ....