Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Cleveland Rocks: Special Your Tuesday Moment of Words Fail Me/Folk Rock Fashion!!! Edition

You know, it's very easy to be cheaply cynical about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I get it.

I mean, two words -- Jann Wenner.

But I gotta tell you -- walking through the exhibits over the weekend and suddenly coming across iconic articles of clothing from the album covers of two of my all time favorite LPs was...a mind blower.

To wit -- David Crosby's leather poncho from The Byrds' Turn Turn Turn...

...and Skip Spence's fringed jacket from Moby Grape's eponymous debut.

Swear to god -- these two alone were worth the trip and the price of admission.

More stuff from the Hall tomorrow.


FD13NYC said...

Everyone into music as we are should go at least once to check all that stuff out. My jaw dropped many times during my visit. Definitely a very cool music memorabilia museum. Definitely up there with the Country Music Hall Of Fame in Nashville, and the Stax Museum in Memphis. And of course, Graceland.

Steve D said...

I'm jealous. I need to head to the Midwest soon.

Brooklyn Girl in Queens said...

I was hoping they had Daltrey's jacket from Woodstock, and it's a shame that Joplin's Porsche is not there any more, but it was worth the price of admission to be able to walk around Ringo's kit.

Anonymous said...

kudos for posting "The Finger" cover.

Paul said...

Cool for props for the Byrds. Just caught Roger McGuinn earlier this month. While, of course, we'd label him an "oldies" act, McGuinn delivered two hours of song and story and quite amazing guitar playing of some of the most iconic rock music of all time. It truly would be amazing to get to the Hall. Hello Cleveland!!!!