Monday, November 09, 2015

The Family That Plays Together

My long time chum Ronnie D'Addario (who most recently added the angelic harmony vocals to that "new" Floor Models song I promise not to flog again any time soon) performs his splendidly melodic "Time Will Tell On You" at last Saturday's INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW show in Green Point, Brooklyn. Sorry the performance isn't complete, but I initially pressed the wrong button on my iPad. Let's face it -- Martin Scorsese I ain't.

Incidentally, the guitarist on the left and the drummer (who I couldn't get a clear shot of) are Ronnie's teenage offspring. Words obviously fail me.

Meanwhile, here's a quite wonderful studio version of the song.

You're welcome.


Jai Guru Dave said...

Fabulous song!! I'd give your right arm to be able to write, sing, or play like that.

Blue Ash Fan said...

Apropos of nothing, I fell in love with this song back when it was featured on one of the superb "Yellow Pills" comps. Naturally, the tune made me want the actual Rock Club album, "Wet Money." This was a very obscure indie release on the tiny, unknown Homburg label. There was no eBay yet, and I knew that tracking this album down would be quite a quest. So, on a lark, I decided to start at a local used book store that just so happened to sell used CDs. I knew this was quixotic at best, but I figured I'd take a shot. Lo and behold, there it was! Used for three bucks. I couldn't believe it.

Truth be told, though, "Time Will Tell on You" is hands down the best thing on the album. Still, it was great to find the thing so easily and in such unlikely circumstances.

Like I said, apropos of nothing.