Thursday, November 26, 2015

It's Turkey Day!!!

From 1969, here's the original classic lineup of Procol Harum...

...and their utterly gorgeous "Pilgrim's Progress."

Pilgrim -- get it? It's not rocket science, kids. Actually, if memory serves (and if it does, I hope it washes its hands) I think this is something of a Thanksgiving tradition around here by now.

In any case, enjoy the cranberry sauce and stuffing, kids.

Also -- Matthew Fisher is god.


FD13NYC said...

Good album, they were good with Trower. Happy Thanksgiving Steverino!!

Jai Guru Dave said...

That doesn't sound like Gary Brooker singing. Did Fisher sing too?

steve simels said...

Yes, Fisher. He wrote it too

Anonymous said...

And he also produced it. The whole album.

Me and Sandy used to listen to this a lot during sleepovers at her place when we were teens. We were way into tooners and christmas trees and other cool downers. We'd just get all dreamy on pills, smoke dope and make love to this record. The buzz was perfect for A Salty Dog, which had no really uptempo stuff on it. Trower was very effective when unleashed. Like raging passion. Pilgrim's Progress was a nice closer going from hymn to handclaps. But I think it's best heard in context of the whole album.

Picked up this record the same day I got Cocker's debut, Gilded Palace of Sin and Sea Train. A&M sale at White Front spring 1969. Each LP was $2.39. Such a deal.

Happy Thanksgiving. The bird's definitely the word. And I got the best stuffin' in town.

VR - Mixing up the potion of oblivion for libations at seven and dinner at eight. And then, perpetual thanksgiving.

Mr. Minimac said...

A near perfect album closer IMO. I always enjoyed the vulnerability of Fisher's vocals which struck me as the perfect counterpoint to the powerful pipes of Mr. Brooker.

Anonymous said...

And a post Fisher version from Beat Club with Gary Brooker vocals for contrast.

Green bean casserole and yams are in the double oven and the bird is smelling delicious.

VR - getting my inner Pocahontas on.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Forgot to post the link to the Beat Club version with Brooker vox.

Anonymous said...

Fisher made 2 great post Procol solo albums, very hard to find. Any leads?

tony j

Anonymous said...

There's one in Kentucky for $11.77.


Peter Power Pop said...

(Warning: Musical Coincidence Alert)

The rhythm in the coda of "Pilgrim's Progress" (i.e., from 3:12 onwards in the video) is shared by an early-'70s Australian song:

Mississippi - "Will I" (1974)