Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pat DiNizio 1955-2017

I heard the news of his passing only a few hours after Wendy and I had decided to get tickets for an upcoming Smithereens show at B. B.B. Kings.

A great musician and one of the nicest guys I ever knew. He and the 'Reens changed my life, literally.

True story: Before his band got signed, Pat was working in some capacity at Folk City in the Village; one of his co-workers was friend of PowerPop Ronnie D'Addario (aka the father of the Lemon Twigs). One day Pat asked Ronnie if he wanted to write a song together, which Ronnie thought was a good idea, and so the two of them repaired to Pat's apartment and they sat around with acoustic guitars throwing out ideas. The following conversation, which I reproduce verbatim, ensued.

PAT: (playing a riff): Holy shit. Did you hear that?


PAT (plays riff again): This.

RONNIE: Uh...what?

PAT (plays riff again): Isn't that great? Wow -- it's almost like "Ticket to Ride."

RONNIE: Uh, IS "Ticket to Ride.

Rest in peace, my friend.

UPDATE: Friend of PowerPop Phil Cheese just forwarded me this.

Pat's signature on my guitar from 50 Winters Later Festival, Clear Lake, Iowa 2009. How appropriate that Pat is surrounded by Tommy Allsup, Joe Ely, Graham Nash, and Peter Asher.

Words fail me.


Anonymous said...

Such a shame. They were great. The last show we saw was truly memorable. --- Wendy

Jack Albert said...
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Alzo said...

If I could ever write a song half as good as 'House We Used to Live in" my life would be complete.

MJConroy said...

Pat was a mensch.
The only famous rock singer who would curse at me from the stage and give me a hug after the show.
I am going to miss him.