Thursday, March 05, 2020

Operators are Standing By

From 2020, and the just released For the Record: A Tribute to John Wicks...

...please enjoy singer/songwriter Bill Berry and his killer version of Wicks' hilarious "1-800-Colonoscopy."

For the Record is not, strictly speaking, a tribute album; Wicks was about to record his vocals for his latest batch of songs right before his passing in late 2018, and so a terrific bunch of his peers and admirers -- including Carla Olson, Don Dixon, Al Stewart, Peter Case and Jamie Hoover (of Spongetones fame, who produced the project) -- were recruited to sing lead on the unfinished tracks. In any case, the results are sensational, and yes, the rest of the songs are more in what you'd think of as Wicks' jangly power-pop style.

In any case, "1-800-Colonoscopy" is my new favorite song of all time, and not just because my doctor has been hocking me to get one.

I actually met Wicks -- a lovely man -- once, and therein lies a tale, which I'll save for tomorrow.

In the meantime, you can -- and definitely should -- order a copy of For the Record over at Kool Kat Musik HERE.


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for your kind words! This cd was a labor of love!

jackd said...

Speaking from recent experience, getting 'scoped is no big deal. If you're not actually unconscious, you aren't forming any memories, so it's functionally the same thing. Do have someone to get you home safely afterward, as you may appear fully cognizant during recovery but still not recollect things for a while. Getting your system cleared out the night before the procedure is the most uncomfortable part, as you've doubtless heard.