Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Your Wednesday Moment of I Have Ridiculously Talented Friends

From just a few moments ago in 2020, please enjoy The John Sally Ride -- featuring friend of PowerPop and proprietor of the invaluable BURNING WOOD blog Sal Nunziato -- and their new single "Putting It Off."

From their forthcoming -- and obviously ridiculously good -- new album.

I've written about these guys before, including the release of the previous single from the aforementioned album..

But to make a short story long, this new one is so cool in a hybrid power pop/hard rock kind of way that at this point I'm starting to get really annoyed with them.

Seriously -- curse you, Sal, for making music this good.

In any event, when the album itself is actually available I'll post a link.

Have I mentioned these guys are so good I'm getting really pissed off?