Friday, March 13, 2020

Your Friday Moment of "Hey, This is Bad!"

From 1983, please enjoy (unlikely) Elvis Costello and Count Basie collaborating on "Lil' Darling."

It guess it sounded good on paper, but in real life -- not so much. BTW, I think Costello's country album is pretty awful too.

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!


Blue Ash Fan said...

EC lost me for about 30 years with all the genre experiments. He should've stuck with what he was good at.

Having said that, "Look Now" blew me away, and he's back in my good graces until he does his next country, bluegrass, jazz, chamber, or Klezmer album. Not that he cares what I think.

steve simels said...

Heh. :-)

John K said...

I actually liked Almost Blue. Elvis' other non rock attempts...not so much.

Steve, I'm sure you must have heard but CD Baby is closing it's retail sales.
I hate to see this kind of thing. While I don't like purchasing MP3's because of their poor sound quality, when I'm forced to do so CD Baby & Bandcamp are better options than Amazon

FD13NYC said...

He should have stuck to what he knows best, like the first 3-4 albums. I guess that's all he had in him. Then he musically threw caution to the wind.

Unknown said...

He hasn't fully developed the new voice yet.

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