Monday, March 23, 2020

Today We Are a Video (Part Le Troisième)

From our just released (but recorded in 1982) live album Floor by Four, please enjoy the fabulous Floor Models and the official video for our prescient ode to urban paranoia "What's Wrong With This Picture?".

The above is from the same show as the videos for "Free Advice" and "Shadow of the Flame" I posted recently. And as with those clips, the audio -- in glorious stereo -- was dubbed from a performance at the same venue taped five months earlier (the video shoot, alas, was in mono). And once again, kudos to our pal Steve Schwartz for synching the two more or less flawlessly.

I should add that the song itself is by our late great 12-string ace Andy "Folk Rock" Pasternack, who's singing it, and I believe it was his idea to put the quote from Paul Revere and the Raiders at the end of the instrumental break.

Oh, have I mentioned that you can and should download the album over at CD Baby HERE? Or that it will be available at all the usual digital platforms -- Amazon, iTunes, Spotify et al -- by the end of the month?

POSTSCRIPT: Friend of PowerPop Capt. Al, who shot the original video footage, asks me to tell you guys he wasn't drunk at the time. He was, instead, trying, heroically, to deal with a primitive early 80s video camera that was, shall we say, not well suited to the low light available at the club. So cut him some slack. :-)

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