Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Friends of Mine: Songs by People I Actually Know That I Played on Capt. Al's LOST AT SEA Last Week Which You May Have Missed (Part II)

From his 2005 CD The Right Tool for the Job, please enjoy the incomparable Gregory Fleeman -- i.e., the funniest singer/songwriter in history (or at least Greenwich Village in the late 70s/early 80s) -- and two of the album's drollest and most subversive songs.

To begin with, his priceless recounting of the historic meeting between Liberace and Elvis Presley...

...and then his ode to -- well, you'll figure it out.

I should add that I did not play this one -- subtitled "Sucking My Way to the Top" -- on the show...

...although I have on previous episodes. In any case, it remains the greatest thing in the history of things.

I should also add that a) you can and should order the CD over at Amazon HERE and b) that Greg (who also wrote the movie F/X, by the way) is having some health issues of late, so please send lots of good thoughts his way for a speedy and full recovery.


Anonymous said...

Fleeman is the real deal. Hysterically funny and a swift kick to the gonads in the same song.

Feel better Gregory!!!

Captain Al

pete said...

Bad habits and gravity are all that's keeping me here. Big respect - don't flee Fleeman!