Thursday, September 03, 2020

Friends of Mine: Songs by People I Actually Know That I Played on Capt. Al's LOST AT SEA Last Week Which You May Have Missed (Part III)

From 1994, please enjoy the great Bill Lloyd and my favorite song from his absolutely brilliant album Set to Pop -- "I Went Electric."

I raved about that record in the pages of the Magazine Formerly Known as Stereo Review at the time it came out, and it's only because I'm a horribly lazy slacker that I haven't found a link to that critique, despite the fact I sort of vaguely know where it's archived.

In any case, Bill is a genuine hero of power pop -- in case you haven't noticed, the song title is a wonderfully clever Bob Dylan homage -- and I'm gonna be posting some more of his stuff next week, but in a totally different context. Check this space, as we say.

I should add that Set to Pop is still available over at Amazon HERE and you need to hear the rest of it. Act now.


Blue Ash Fan said...

This album took me from being a casual power pop fan to damn near keeping NotLame in business. And this song was the #1 reason for that. Five stars.

elroy said...

Love that album - my favorite song is Forget About Us

FD13NYC said...

Bill Lloyd is very good!

willycannon said...

If I remember Stereo Review named this one of the top albums of 1990-and for good reason, just all around excellent-top rate songs, playing, production, singing also solos!. Including IMHO a great cover of This Is Where I Belong.