Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Your Tuesday Moment of "Eight Miles High Dere!"

[Yes, it's a Marty Allen reference. So sue me.]

So anyway, as attentive readers may recall, I am in the process of producing a final Floor Models album (or EP -- not quite sure) which is going to be The Byrds tribute we always wanted to make.

I mean hey -- McGuinn and company changed our lives, so it's about time. And it's coming along very nicely.

So over last weekend, when some publicist sent me a new song by a British band, previously unknown to me, called The Metal Byrds, I instantly got a little irked.

The Metal Byrds? Are you kidding me? Who the hell are those upstarts and why are they giving me grief while I can't get Blogger to work?

Well, here's the short version.

The song and band are absolutely fabulous.

As you can hear, these kids and "Dreamin'" sound like the cross between Blondie and Hüsker Dü of your dreams -- it's an absolutely fantastic pop/rock song, the guitars are to die for, and vocalist Suzanne Birdie (apparently that's her real name) would have ruled CBGBs back in the day.

Bottom line: This is the most exciting rock single I've heard this year.

You can find out more about these guys -- including a link to stream their stuff -- over HERE.



Thanks so much for a brilliant review and feature of the new single from the Metal Byrds - love your passion for it - thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Great song! Thanks for the tip, Steve.

- Paul in DK