Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Give the Drummer Some (Part Deux)

From 2020, please enjoy the just released official video for "Charlie, Keith and Ringo," the fabulous tribute song by the equally fabulous Tearaways we posted the audio for back in early August.

Incidentally, the gent bashing those pagan skins is, of course, the incomparable Clem Burke of Blondie fame.

In any event, a terrific clip that fully lives up to the drum greats who inspired it. Hats off to all involved.

I should also add that you can -- and should -- download the audio of "Charlie, Keith and Ringo" over at bandcamp HERE.

[h/t Marc Platt]


Anonymous said...

That's a ton of fun! Thanks for the tip, Steve.

- Paul in DK

buzzbabyjesus said...

Something about this seems like reading a really good story written in Latin. They are old men playing dead music, which only makes me sad.

I'm old, but not into nostalgia.

steve simels said...

Good to hear from you, BBJ. I trust you and yours are staying as safe sane and healthy as possible in our current trying times.