Friday, September 04, 2020

Friends of Mine: Songs by People I Actually Know That I Played on Capt. Al's LOST AT SEA Last Week Which You May Have Missed (Part IV)

Friend of PowerPop -- and moi -- Joe Benoit recorded this brilliant song about the pandemic back in May, which as attentive readers will recall is when I first wrote about it.

Hey what’s your hurry?
You don’t have to worry
There’s nowhere to go anyway
I think the clock still ticks
As I’m watching Netflix
But I’m losing track of the days

There’s nothing left out there for me

Welcome to the longest weekend that you’ve ever known
It’s getting kind of strange to be alone
At least we’re still breathing
We’re living in the longest weekend
You’d think it would be fun
I never thought I’d say that I want Monday to come

I averred then that, as far as I was concerned, when the history of this dreadful era is written, future scholars are going to regard that song as the most important work of art to come out of the whole depressing experience. Okay, if not the most important work of art, at least the most important kick ass rock-and-roll song. And I stand by that opinion.

I should add that Joe has an album's worth of new material almost ready to be released -- most of it dealing in at least tangential ways with our seemingly endless national nightmare -- and when he's finished those songs to his satisfaction, which should be very soon, I'll be sharing them with you. I've heard roughs of a lot of them and they're fantastic. Just saying.

In the meantime, in sadder news, friend of PowerPop Capt. Al has informed me that his last Lost at Sea broadcast at Area 24 Radio will be tomorrow -- i.e. Saturday September 5th -- beginning at 1:30PM EST.

After which, the station will be shutting down for good on Labor Day.

You can and should tune in to the show over at the link HERE. It's been a great ride, Capt. -- 9 years of broadcasts and at least 20(?) guest appearances by your truly. Saturday I'll just be a listener, of course, and you should be listeners too.

I should also add that the Captain will be playing this amazing song by my late great good friend, drummer and musical director for the last 50 years Glen Robert Allen...

...and that when it's over, there won't be a dry eye in the house. Well, at least my house.

Have a great holiday weekend, everybody!

PROGRAMMING ALERT: The show’s opening has been pushed back to 2pm EST. Sorry for the delay.

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