Thursday, January 10, 2008

Arrivederci Roma!

A certain presidential candidate wants to bring us together, or so I've heard. That being the case, I think there's one thing that we as a nation can all get behind -- that these guys are a really crappy band.

That's The Rokes, circa 1967, running roughshod through the Grass Roots' folk-rock classic "Let's Live For Today" on Italian TV. According to their Wiki entry they were Brits who went off to seek fame and fortune in a land where their Britishness made it easier for people to overlook how utterly lame they were. (It's the same strategy that briefly made American stars out of Freddie and the Dreamers).

Anyway, on the video evidence here, these guys really sucked. If anyone knows what kind of amps they're using, however, please let me know; for some reason just about every band on European TV back then used the same gear, but I can't for the life of me identify the brand.


TMink said...


Where is Leonard Pinth-Garnell when we so need him?


Kid Charlemagne said...
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Kid Charlemagne said...

Non c'e' male!

It appears that they also did a lot of re-writes of hit songs into italian. For example, they did the Hollies' "I'm Alive" as "Grazie a te" (Thanks to you.).

There is a clip with several of their "hits". They aren't really that bad. Just capitalizing on the lack of good rock bands on the Italian Penninsula. I don't blame em.

steve simels said...

Where is Leonard Pinth-Garnell when we so need him?


I was gonna make that joke.

"Thoroughly bad...."

Ripley said...

Are those Randall amps? I don't know exactly when they started up, though I believe he was working with Leo Fender in the 50's.

It's hard to read the logo. For a second I thought they might be Danelectros. I don't know enough about vintage amps to say with any certainty.

Kid Charlemagne said...

Where are all the equipment heads when you need them?

peter spencer said...

I think Randall's a good guess. It's what I thought, too, although I'm no gear-smartie.

TMink said...

Steve, I have noticed that we think a bit alike on non-political subjects.

Be afraid, be very afraid!!!!


Anonymous said...

That's pretty dire! Since they're playing wretched Italian EKO guitars I bet the amps are Italian also - probably designed for accordians.

Definitely not Randall. I believe Don Randall was still working for Fender throughout the 60's.

Bobby Sutliff