Thursday, January 17, 2008

Crazy Rhythm

Here's another great 80s song I'd never seen the video for -- The Bush Tetras and "Too Many Creeps."

A definitive downtown anthem, "Creeps" never made the Billboard charts, but it was all but ubiquitous in certain provinces of hep in 1982 and its mix of dance meters and abrasive guitar has been wildly influential. As somebody says in the YouTube comments, there's more rhythmic ideas in its four minutes than most bands can muster in their whole career.


return of the plumber said...

Two comments:

Didn't this get a lot of airplay on WPIX?

This was about the point when Punk & New Wave started becoming rococo. New Romantic was on the horizon and No Wave was actually influencing pop music to a small degree.

Remonster said...

Not all rhythmic ideas are created equally...and this one less so.