Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tales From the Mystic East

Smoke on the Koi Pond.

Somewhere, Ritchie Blackmore is scratching his head and going "Huh?"

[h/t Bill Ferns]


Cleveland Bob said...

HA! That was great, Steve.

"some stupid with a flare gun burned the thing to the ground now..." my favorite lyric in the whole song..

Noam Sane said...

First time I've ever enjoyed this song. Thanks.

Makes me wonder what the Chinese translation of "Frank Zappa and the Mothers" is, though. Guess I'll have to listen again.

return of the plumber said...

Very similar to the Weasels version!

shrimplate said...

I'll bet Eddie Van Halen is a little jealous.

Susie from Philly said...

I couldn't forget the drumming on "19th Nervous Breakdown" if I tried - and believe me, I tried. This was my oldest brother's favorite song and when my parents went to the supermarket, he would turn it ALL THE WAY UP on the stereo and pound along on the snare drum he got for Christmas.

It was so loud, it felt like my ears were bleeding. I can't hear the song without wanting to cover my ears.