Monday, January 28, 2008

Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa

I'm horribly behind deadline for three reviews for The Magazine Formerly Known as Stereo Review -- new CDs by Marah, the Fleshtones, and the North Mississippi Allstars -- which will actually pay some bills, unlike the fun I have here at PowerPop. So my posting will be sporadic till Wednesday, and I'm afraid part two of the great Velvet Underground dustup will have to be postponed till next week (if anybody is still interested).

Meanwhile, if you've never seen this before, it's probably the funniest short film of the last several years.

Ladies and Gentlemen -- George Lucas in Love.


gottahavepop said...

So, Steve, thumbs up or thumbs down on the new Marah?

Hilarious video, by the way. Thanks for passing it along.

TKK said...

The video was great. If you bring back the Velvet Underground thing, I'm going to let everyone know about your secret crush - on Linda Ronstadt.

Kid Java said...

In case you didn't catch it when it first came out, "Hardware Wars" is an early, and hysterical spoof on "Star Wars". You can find it on YouTube in two parts.