Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Pure Pop For Now People

A New Years's gift for you...Bette Midler sings one of power pop god Marshall Crenshaw's most winsome confections.

You know, after hearing this, I'm almost of a mind to forgive her for that "Wind Beneath My Wings" crap. Even though she looks like my Aunt Tessie.

I said almost...

BTW, I'm willing to bet good money that Marshall is gonna win (deservedly) an Oscar for writing the title song to the fitfully amusing music bio-pic sendup Walk Hard...

Who knew that John C. Reilly could do a credible Roy Orbison impression?

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Anonymous said...

I have a big queer loyalty to Bette Midler. She's got a hell of a voice still.

I didn't realize till recently that Freedy Johnston's got an album of covers out with this as the title song. Looks tasty