Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hoodoo You Love

One of my favorite songs of the mid-80s has a video I'd never seen before.

"Bittersweet," by The Hoodoo Gurus. To paraphrase Phil Spector, I love it when somebody gets a hit record by recycling the chords to "Sweet Jane."


Mister Pleasant said...

That's a new one on me. Yeah I'd say you nailed the VU influence.

I have always been partial to the Hoodoo Guru's tune I Want You Back.

Some great guitar work on that one.

steve simels said...

I don't know that one...think I'll go watch it...

TMink said...

What a cool song and band! I love it where the singer starts singing in that higher octave. I saw them in Chapel Hill in the early 80s. The singer was really hoarse, so the guitarist (Brad?) sang a couple of songs, including Galveston!

I so love this type of power pop, it absolutely slays me.