Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Can Blue Men Sing the Whites?

A friend writes (over at Eschaton:)

Steve -- I have to share my unexpected meeting with a legendary rocker today. I found out that my daughter's 4th grade teacher is married to Spencer Davis. Who knew? The kids were doing some kind of class lunch excursion at Burger King -- and then Spencer himself showed up. We sat at the same table. This aging DFH was thrilled.

For the record: Spencer's the tall one with the great hair to the left of the drummer (and he has a very cool web site -- who knew?) The guy in the middle on bass is Muff, the other Winwood brother.

The kid on the right with the astounding white soul voice is...well, you know.

[h/t Toonscribe: Cartoon Liberal ]


Brooklyn Girl said...

OMG ... cool! I think Spencer looks a little like Paul. And Steve is fucking unreal.

"Gimme Some Lovin'" was one of my all-time favorite songs ... still is, actually. I knew I had to have it the first time I heard it, almost to the point of obsession. The local record store guy told me they hadn't gotten it in yet ... he took pity on me when I was obviously crushed, and sold me the store demo.

I saw Steve at the Beacon a couple of years ago ... he puts on a really great show.

Cleveland Bob said...

Great clip!

I dig the way everyone falls back into their assigned places at the end of the song. Dreamy.

TMink said...

Wow, the song certainly shifts gears when Steve starts to sing! Overdrive baby.