Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My New Years Resolutions

1. More album reviews. I have a stack of CDs -- both major label and indie -- that I have promised all sorts of fine folks that I will get to eventually. Attention must be paid!!!!

2. Having learned, after many months, how to post YouTube videos, I will now learn how to post photos and cover art (thus enabling me to do the above with alacrity). Seriously -- how hard could it be for a senior citizen with a low IQ and ADD to master such a skill?

3. I will not blogwhore pathetically when one of my posts -- the one below, for example -- does not, inexplicably, move anyone to drop by and leave a pithy comment.

Oh, and by the way -- Happy New Year to all of you, whom I love more than food.


TRS said...

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TJWood said...

One New Year's resolution (besides continuing to read and contribute to PowerPop) should be a fairly easy one to follow: now that I do have and know how to operate one of those iPods, to totally avoid wallpaper music wherever such music presents itself and replace said music with that more in line with PowerPop blogger recommendations.

Happy New Year to you and all fellow bloggers at PowerPop.

Kid Charlemagne said...

Happy New Year Steve and to everyone in the PowerPop family!

Cheers! Kid C.

Anonymous said...

Nappy Hoo Year to all three of you good people, and all Power Poptarts.

four legs good said...

Steve, if my ancient mother can use email, you can learn to post photos.

And I'm even willing to help you learn how.

Happy New Year buddy!

TMink said...

Steve, don't blogwhore pathetically, blogwhore PROUDLY!!!!!! Sing if you're glad to blogwhore!

Happiest of New Years.