Friday, September 15, 2006

An Actual Conversation

Date: This morning.
Place: In the guest room where the 7YO is sleeping, which also contains the 2YO's dresser and all her clothes.
Activity: Dressing the 2YO for school.

2YO: [Vague articulation which sounds like the name of the 7YO]!
Me: Yes, that's your brother.
2YO: [Repeats atriculation] throwing herself on her brother and embracing him
Me: Oh, he's your favorite boy, isn't he? What other boys do we love?
2YO: Daddy!
Me: Yes, we love Daddy.
2YO: Dawnie!
Me: Yes, we love Seanie too. And Papa.
2YO: Papa!
Me: And Uncle Phil, and Papa Charlie.
7YO: (stirring) My favorite boy is Todd.

All together now: Awwwwww!


ntodd said...

God, I love that kid. And your whole family. Even Thers.

refinnej said...

The cuteness!!!!!!!

Those are some great kids ya got there. HUGs for everyone!