Saturday, September 02, 2006

Babyblogging 2: I Like Pie

via the teen and the 6YO: A very weird a-ha tribute.

And.... the teen tries life as a boy. She likes getting hit on by confused straight girls a la Just One of the Guys.




The Kenosha Kid said...

hey, the pictures of this goth boy are making me feel all tingly. I am starting to question my sexuality.. wait, that's just your daughter that you forced to dress up as a boy so you can once again mention Just One of The Guys.

PS - pictures are sideways.

ntodd said... s/he is gonna marry me someday, right?

Anonymous said...

My 17 year old is so thinking along the same lines -- her hair, however, is MUCH shorter (think Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta, only dyed red). I wonder if I should show this to her.

Michael said...

Eyes are too pretty.

Anonymous said...

That A-Ha tribute is too much! lol

BTW, the band is still together and touring. Q magazine recently had a feature about them appearing somewhere in Africa (Lesotho, I think).

refinnej said...

that is a GREAT look for her... Very cool :)

Anonymous said...

HHAHAHAHAHAH Its leeAnne attacking your Blog.
Aka, the Teens cray friend.
Molly is a sexy man-beast.
Anyone have suggestions on the costume? Some people are still able to pick her out as a chick..