Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Babyblogging: In Color!

No, I didn't get the light leak in th camera fixed yet, but I think I can work around it for a bit. Rosie and Sean have declared a truce of sorts, and now will play near each other, frequently without bloodshed.

In the portable ball pit. (We hide the balls, for obvious reasons.)

Peekaboo! (Where'd Rosie go?)

SP, a remarkably good-tempered baby, sticks his tongue out at his sister.


watertiger said...

The fourth child is usually the most even tempered!

- 4th child

Anonymous said...

pretty babies. man have you got your work cut out for you.peace

Anonymous said...

This third of four believes the third is usually the most even temptered, pleasant and generous. ;)

Love the pics and am glad that Rosie is learning to accept her little brother. I bet they become inseperable soon.

ql in ny

refinnej said...

Wow... that Sean kid sure is getting big!!

Hugs for everyone!

ntodd said...


Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Babies! I love to see these pictures -- I always check in to see if you've posted any new ones! In the midst of the depressing political news, these pictures remind me of why it matters.