Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday Babyblogging: Recreation Edition

Little SP is under the weather (nothing too serious, just this weird thing I never heard of before today), so we're using some shots of the others. The first two come from a family party a few weeks ago, the soccer shots from last weekend.


Rosie is really skeptical about this whole "ocean" thing.


The boy, ready to go.

Hurrah! (or he's disco dancing. Whatever.)

Stopping for a snack (an integral part of the whole organized-sport experience, apparently).

And back in action!


watertiger said...

"This . . . water. Can it be used to take over the world?"

NYMary said...

Hmmm.... ask England. Or possibly Spain.

Anonymous said...

After listening to an hour of:

"No one is commenting on my blog!"

I decided to make my mum happy.


mmm. netspeak. my favorite flavor of crap.

ntodd said...

So this thing SP has...does that mean he only wants your boob, thus destroying your marriage?

Anonymous said...

Stopping for a snack (an integral part of the whole organized-sport experience, apparently).

indeed. and it should stay that way all the way through the pros as far as i'm concerned. that whole zidane thing wouldn't have happened if he'd had an oatmeal cookie and a capri sun at halftime.

ellroon said...

My husband teased my (then 13 yrs) daughter when she came down with that disease, calling it hoof and mouth. It apparently is a virus that babies get, so how my daughter got it so late is a mystery. A miserable week as I can recall. At least she was old enough to tell me how she felt though, it must be doubly hard to deal with it with the little punkin.

Speaking of mysterious diseases, have you ever heard of the slapped baby effect? After catching the virus, when children flush from exertion, it looks splotchy (like they've been smacked)? That one was new to me too.

refinnej said...

oooo the kids are sooo cute....

YAY cute kids!!