Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Comma

A fucking Comma.

This is a comma.

This is a war.

Gah, these people will rot in hell.

(They're coming now, the young, damaged men. Back to school, trying to rebuild their lives. I met another this week, fucked his back up in Iraq and can't get into the VA hospital here, but that's the least of his problems. Closed doors, closed faces. I almost don't have to ask. They have a look, these young men. For him, this isn't a comma.)


Fox said...

holy fuck.

first time i've seen that video.

so sad.

Scott said...

You got that right, a FUCKING comma in history for a man and his followers who have no soul and don't give a shit about anyone but themselves.

And yet supposedly about 40% of the population approves of him.

Truly amazing.

NYMary said...

Scott, I think it hovers below 40, on and off. Not a popular man.

Gilliard says the comma thing is a shout-out to the Christian right. If so, it's even more sickening, more of a sign of an unwillingness to engage with people who disagree. It's meant to keep them in the fold, not to increase the size of the fold or to admit that the water there is poisoned.

And that pic is from 2003--early on, when the war was still "good"--recent pictures of children from Iraq tend to have things like entrails in them.